Scarlet Thorn

Castle Owners

The session started with the group in partial control of Slate Castle. With Furt’s help, they learned the towers had a prison, where they took the guards they had captured. They attacked a Griffon. It got away. They attacked the upper keep. They climbed the hill successfully, but were not sure how to get in. Then Voleur climbed up the tower wall and onto the roof. They roof had been cleared by a prior Hill Giant volley. Flo-Rida turned into a hawk and flew up. A guard attacked, but Voleur threw down a rope and had re-enforcements soon. Though Voleur and Flo-Rida managed the first guard just fine. Once inside the walls, the group had no trouble clearing out the keep. There were only a few guards left and several score of servants. Furt helped direct the group to where the important people were hiding. They did have some trouble with the group on the roof by the stables.

They learned the next higher agent was a gold smith in Verbobonc. They learned Slate army was on its way back and there was a secret tunnel entrance to the castle. Kate and the Hill Giants ambushed the group by the tunnel entrance and completely routed them. The group then proceeded to meet up with Dumbledor’s army. Once the Hill Giants arrived, the women and children headed for Slate castle and the three armies met in battle. After three engagements, the enemy forced were routed. Kate went from 75 to 54 Hill Giants and Ogres, but recovered back to 64. Dumbledor when from 500 to 287 but recovered back to 358.

The group decided to keep the castle by requesting the barony from the Viscount at Verbobonc once they had a character of high enough level. The class restrictions mean they would need one of the following: cleric(9), Fighter (9), Magic User(12), or Monk(8). The group found 9,392 in gold, silver, and gems at the castle. They obtained two feeblemind wands and one wand of lightning.

They stopped by Hadar’s temple before travelling to Verbobonc. Hadar did recall an old temple that might lead into the newer temple of which Cliff House was an entrance. He was confident the Prince was being held at the same location as the ring leader of the Scarlet Brotherhood because people who pursue hidden power trust few to guard their most precious things. Unless the ring leader was at Cliff House, the Prince was not. Hadar encourage the group to continue to search up the chain of command and once they found the person in control, they would most likely find the Prince.

On the way to Verbobonc, they were scried. They found the gold smith. They found several helpers. They were able to find out this group of agents control or at least have access to large sums of treasure. Baron Vuethor contacted them and offered a ransom for his wife, children, and castle. He is offering a ransom of 20,000gp.

Characters present for a total party experience of 67.392 xp (8424 each)
Styx (Ellie) 201,317xp
Ferrous (Erica) 216,379
Sophokle (David/Greg) 188,816
Flo-Rida (Flo) 105,866xp 9th Level (125,001 10th)
Farquad (Nels) 199,267xp 8th Level (350,001 9th)
Tylen (John/Halley) 186,275
Lark (Kate) 245,017
Voleur (Eric) 168,379 (newly level 10)


Colossus Colossus

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