Human Bard



Styx is a Human Illusionist

Level – 9

Strength – 7
Intelligence – 18
Wisdom – 7
Dexterity – 16
Constitution – 9
Charisma – 18

Hit points – 32

Weapon – Light Staff


Styx is the girly-girl of the group. She is vain, hates getting dirty, and always wants to help the underdog. She wears bright, gaudy clothes and has long red hair. Though brilliant, Styx prefers to use her intelligence to play dumb and manipulate others. She can easily charm a crowd with her music, humor, and cheerful flirting. She is a follower of Lydia and is adventuring so that she can travel and educate others (and meet boys). She casts a mean Color Spray and has a tendency to hold a grudge, so watch out! Her Suggestions and Phantasmal Force aren’t half bad either.


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