Scarlet Thorn

Black Lake Mine

December 19, 2012

Ellie, Kate, Greg(Tim), David, Erica, Catlin(Danielle)
Group started om Deep Creek village. The goal was to chase down Moulton, who traveled through the mine to get to Meshuga Tower. Even though the group had means to fly, they didn’t know where Meshuga Tower was, so they needed to follow the “road” the slave caravan followed. They were told the gate into the Black Mine tunnel was guarded by a person with a gem of true seeing and a “mind reader”. Carhandle the Magnificant was captured at the gate. If trying to get through again, he would have used some kind of charm on the gem guy. He has learned to use cerebral parasites against the mind reader types. He is not sure if the same person works the gem day after day, probably not. But when he was captured, the man wore the gem like a necklace around his neck.
The group tried to locate Cerebral Parasites in Verbobonc, but they have been outlawed. It would take more than two days to travel further to find some.
They charmed a miner and found out more about the town. The mind readers lived in a small house near the manor house. The town was run by a cousin of Baron Vuethor, Mark Constantine. He is nominally in charge. It would be six days before the next caravan was scheduled to go through the gates.
The charmed a guard and learned the guard rooms were separate from the mine entrance, but an old entrance existed that was bricked over.
The group decided to ask Burne for help. Burne suggested they speak with Dumbledoor. Dumbledoor had some Cerebral Parasites for them and a scroll to get through the bricked over door. They managed to get into the guard houses invisibly, with only one “encounter”. The poor guard was dropped unconscious with a Monk Vulcan grip.
They discovered an army in the tunnel, getting ready to attack.
They got out the other side and found out they were getting closer to Moulton. She had recently freed a number of slaves from the slave market at the other end of the mine. The group sent Erica’s character back to get the Pegasus and started after Moulton on horse back. They found Meshuga tower and the small village outside of it. A ship, probably a pirate ship, was burning in the ocean and a battle was happening on the ship between pirates and slaves. David went out to investigate, but did not see any signs of Moulton and was not able to rescue the slaves. David discovered two “minds” within the Meshuga tower palace / manor house.


Colossus Colossus

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