Scarlet Thorn

Freedom Again
Party ends up in Hardby

The session began with the party sinking down into the cold water of the Sahuagin fortress. The group carefully rationed their water potions, gear, and spells and determined they had 36 minutes to explore plus another 30 minute reserve. They found the water to be cold and dark.

The first underwater room was empty, but Lizard women were watching from the nearby hallway. These women had been scratched all over their bodies and were desperately offering up potions for the men to drink. The group took a potion, but did not drink it.

Further on, they found a hallway with pizza sized urchins on the walls. They eventually ran by the urchins, taking some damage from their sharp spines. They discovered some kind of ritual in progress. A poor lizardman was being attacked by strange creatures, sofa cushioned sized bodies with crab-like skin and squid tentacles, having carrot like beaks and large dark eyes. These creatures attacked the lizardman, while other humanoids watched from hallways. The party attacked the whole group, stunning them with a color spray spell. After stunning them, they viciously destroyed the tentacled beasts and went to investigate the humanoids. Most of the stunned humanoids were human, mysteriously capable of surviving underwater.

Political influence. Learned these creatures were the Sahuagin females, and the event just observed had to do with Sahuagin reproduction. The “Madams”, as these Sahuagin were called, controlled their servants through potions.

Attacking Sahuagin females.
The guard room battle.
The torture chamber battle.
Prisoner release.
Sending off the broom.
Following the sharks.
The battle of
Gift of the Turtle and Treasure.
Meeting in Hardby
Hiring a boat
Sealing the treasure.

Sahuagin Fortress
Not left behind

The game started with a counsel between the party, elves, and lizard men. The party had just survived an ambush and discovered some key treasure. At the counsel, the water people discussed running away from the Sahuagin and determined the only safe refuge was entirely underwater. This served a dual purposes of leaving the characters as decoys for the Sahuaging attack. Of course the party would be destroyed by the Sahuagin, but that might distract the foraging beasts long enough to let the trail of the elves and lizard men grow cold.

The party disagreed with this plan and successfully motivated the counsel to consider an attack rather than fleeing once again. The counsel reluctantly agreed under one circumstance: the characters needed to rescue the captured lizardmen currently being held by the Sahuagin. This requirement was on top of the previous commitment to destroy or distract the giant crocodile that had been plaguing the lizard man patrols. The party also asked for support from the elves and lizardmen. One elf and one lizardman offered to join the effort to rescue the captives.

The party wisely began to research the fortress of the Sahuagin that was formerly the home of the lizardmen. They were able to get a map of the fortress as well as some information about the surroundings. The old Lizardman told them about a secret entrance through a blow hole they could use, but only at low tide. They also decided to interrogate the captured Sahuagin held by the Lizardmen. The treant beat up the Sahuagin, but then healed it to bring about an attitude of submission. They were able to learn more about the fortress and the changes the Sahuagin had already been making. They also learned about a giant Kraken guard. Later they decided to attempt to get more information out of the sahuagin and ended up killing the creature, but not before he took several large chunks of wooden skin from the Treant.

The group went out to kill the giant crocodile. The lizardman guide led the characters through the tall, swampy reeds to a spot 200 yards from a small pond where two streams drained into a pool. A small rocky outcropping divided the two rivers. The crocodile was known to live in the pool. The party decided to circle around the pool and take up defensive positions in the trees on the rocky outcropping. However, they saw signs of a dragon on the outcropping. The thief discovered a shallow cave, and the dragon attacked. The party was able to slay the dragon as the 24 foot long crocodile was approaching, and the crocodile quickly fled, never to be seen again.

The party found several choice items in the dragon’s lair. Gold and scrolls of magic as well as a broom of flying. They took their treasure and recovered from their battle wounds prior to leaving for the Sahuagin fortress.

Due to the swamp skills of the Lizardman and Elf, the party had no problems crossing the swamp island to the Sahuagin fortress. They decided to use the broom to ferry people across the 200 yards of ocean to reach the island fortress, having learned the Kraken patrolled the causeway waters. Thus the party arrived safely at the fortress and waited to enter through the secret passage at low tide.

Once inside the fortress, they came across six Sahuagin guarding twelve slaves. They killed the guards and freed the prisoners, taking them up through the secret entrance. However, one prisoner insisted they check on his companion, who was left to die in the prison. The party defeated another three Sahuagin and found the dying prisoner. He told them a number of incoherent things, but also mentioned a secret chamber. With the information gained from his dying words, they were able to find the secret chamber and obtained more water-specific magic items.

Left for Dead

The party is “sacrificed” to appease the storms. They are left with nothing in an underground chamber. The party finds their way through dark and sandy underground tunnels. The party manages to overcome a crayfish and a roper. The party survives an attack by a family of Piercers. Finally, the party finds a community of mushrooms and manages to communicate with their king. In exchange for the body of the Crayfish, he gives them a way out. They enlarge the Ent, who throws most of them over a chasm. They manage to reach the surface and find a small tribe of humans living in a paradise situation with the cone of the volcano.

After resting, they work with some Sea Elves to investigate a group of Lizard Men. The lizard men turn out to be friendly, preparing for an attack of Sahuagin. The Sea Elves are informed of this news. The Lizard Men agree to arm the party in exchange for the party’s destruction of a giant crocodile.

Hadar's Playground

The group finds their way back to Hommlet, where things are still under the control of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The group takes a river boat to Gafferville where they re-unite with Seth and his family. The party sneaks onto the island and fights a number of Kobolds. They find the entry way trapped, but make their way into the ante-chamber. Here they speak the secret name and are allowed passage into a great underground chamber. They meet Hadar, who gives them a quest and several magical items. They return to the surface only to be betrayed by Moulton and enslaved by pirates.

Ending Eternity

The group meets Count Dramlock, Lady Grondril, Lord Nimbrithil, and Rian the Betrayer. Lord Nimbrithil and Rian finally end their battle.

House Elnelthlem

Traps and dangers awaited the group in the cavern. The group did manage to pick the lock of a residence and find information about the Dirigible Trolley while resting and recovering. The group encountered a battle between groups. They fought their way into House Elnelthlem where they encountered a Naga. Here they also found a hidden diary.

Outer City of Deven

The party fought off a number of giant wasps. The group met Methlow and Charles. The party reached the white tower, but found nothing. The group search the jungle, met the owl. The owl helped them find the entrance to the sunken city. The group fought there way to the cavern entrance.


The party ignore’s Deliliah’s request for help to regain her Crystal Ball. They store their treasures in the Mouqol Temple with Edge Ahriman. The party travels to the Bramblewood forest with a caravan. They are ambushed in the forest by Needlemen and the remains of the party sent out by Shark Mersin. They survived the night without fire. They crossed the broken bridge and survived the saw plants. As the sun was setting, they climbed into the ruins of the outer city of Deven.


The group arrives at Thornward and meets Delilah and Shark Mersin. The party goes to the Lion’s Mouth and hears a pitch to join a party to explore the Fallen City of Deven. The party rescues Xani Wasabi’s children from Were rats. The party completes a quest to round up different wrong-doers for the priests of St Cuthbert. The party finds a treasure guarded by Ghouls in an old church yard.

Black Temple

The group breaks into the adobe cliff house, frees Moulton and other prisoners. The party kills many of the guards and priests there.


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