Powerful Monk with a troubled past


A quiet, cerebral, lithe woman with powerful psionic abilities.


Moulton’s birth and parents lineage are hidden in mystery. Her earliest memories take her back to her years as a slave within the temple of elemental evil, where she helped clean the chambers of a hill giant as a 13 year old girl. She remembers nothing before this time.

She escaped slavery and the temple by correctly answering a Sphinx’s riddle, and betrayed the Gnolls she had been travelling with. The Sphinx took the young girl under her wing. These days with Bromag the dwarf and Tannagore the Sphinx were happy. But she still desired her freedom and independence.

She found both when the party encountered their little group. The Monk Sophokle helped her realize her tremendous Psionic abilities. She traveled across Flanaess from Nyr dyv to the Yatils, learning the secrets that led to Hadar’s Playground.

But along the way, the party was shadowed by agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Moulton fell prey to an assassin’s compound and was captured and tortured by members of the Scarlet Brotherhood. The secrets found were now revealed, and a race for the legendary treasure ensued. Fortunately, the party discovered a diary of an ancient elf that gave them the missing information. The party found agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood already at the doorstep of Hadar’s playground when they arrived, but these agents were missing the final clues. The party overcame the agents and were rewarded with great treasures and a quest to over throw the Scarlet Brotherhood itself.

But Moulton could not face the Scarlet Brotherhood agents. She avoided the confrontation on the island. But when the party emerged victorious, Moulton was waiting for them on board a river boat. Moulton had arranged for the boat to pick up the victorious party. However, Moulton betray the group for the boat was a pirate ship. The party was taken as captives and Moulton took the treasures for herself.


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