Scarlet Thorn

Temple Dungeon - Lvl 5

The players said good bye to Moulton – Tatyana and Barovia and Ravenloft castle. Tatyana was planning on restoring the castle and town back to its former glory. The characters had to choose between waiting for the boat people to return – which could take years based on the time differential – or attempting to return the way Moulton did by jumping over the wall and into the 1000 foot drop. They chose to take the leap. Moulton had a good idea of where she jumped, but not a perfect memory. The party did arrive back in the temple dungeon, but not exactly where Moulton did.

Rather than in the Grandfather’s cavern, they found themselves in some abandoned mines. They wandered through abandoned workings and broken down, rusty machinery and equipment. They found some strange molds and fungi – including yellow mold which Farquad fearlessly irritated into a cloud of spores. In the process, a quad of Shriekers did their shrieking. This loud noise attracted a group of trolls. The party stunned many of the trolls with Color Spray. They engaged in battle with the Trolls, but then cast web to ensnare them long enough to back off and cast a fireball. The fireball permanently turned the trolls to ash.

Continuing through the mine, they came across a group of Minotaurs. At this point Flo turned herself into a bat (Flobat) and was scouting ahead of the group. This allowed them to surprise the Minotaurs. Again, Color Spray took out a number of the group with combat finishing the rest. This time, they used suggestion to strongly encourage one Minotaur to show them how to get out of the dungeon. It had knowledge of only two exits: one somewhere in the halls of the Mountain Trolls and one near the lair of the Black Dragon named Song of Night Screams. They decided to go with the Dragon.

Once again Farquad encourage a frontal attack on the Dragon rather than fleeing the dungeon and leaving the dragon alive. The Minotaur brought them to a pool which he said was a place the Dragon was often seen and which was supposed to lead to outside. Flo turned into an otter and explored the pool. Thirty feet away the flooded channel again enlarged into the dragon’s lair, in which it was sleeping. Sixty feet away, the channel became a pool in the chamber of the Grandfather fungi. The party used a stone of underwater breathing to get quietly into the dragon’s chamber.

A lightening bolt and great thump from Lark ended the dragon’s days and donated the hoard to their bank accounts.

The party encountered a huge spider as they climbed out of the grandfathers chamber, but managed to kill the spider with a cone of cold spell. This brought them back to the back entrance of the temple. They went around to the temple castle, where a group of Hill Giants were waiting their return. The Hill Giants had heard about Nightingale’s skill in battle and the successful campaigns in which she had lead her Ogres troops. The Hill Giants wanted to either take over or join Nightingale, depending on the outcome of a challenge between Nightingale and their leader Hugo. Krealle cast an enlargement spell on Lark, making her the size of a Storm Giant. One hit brought down Hugo and gained Lark a troupe of 20 Hill Giants to add to her small army.

The group then went to Nulb and met with Otis, Burne, and Rufus. They found out war had been declared between Furyondy and Veluna. They also learned Otis’ brother had been captured and taken to Cliff House, probably just before Moulton had flooded the river.

5 Trolls – 6110 xp
6 Minotaur – 3720xp
1 Young Black Dragon – 8480xp
20 Hill Giants – 18,800xp

Clockwork Canary
Dragon Hoard – 44,500gp;
– 2 potions, axe, sword, scroll, bracelet (the dragon was wearing, magically shrunk)

Characters Present for total party xp of 87,097 (12,442)
Lark (Kate) 202,043xp 9th Level (500,001 10th)
Flo-Rida (Flo) 97,442xp 9th Level (125,001 10th)
Sophokle (Marc) 145,842xp 7th Level (200,001 8th)
Farquad (Nels) 190,843xp 8th Level (350,001 9th)
Styx (Ellie) 158,343xp 9th level (220,001 10th)
Henris Slayer (Nancy) 115,847xp 7th Level (125,001 8th)
Krealle (Tim) 135,843xp 9th Level (250,001 10th)


Colossus Colossus

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