Scarlet Thorn

Slate Castle

The session started in the old Temple tower where Burne and Rufus have been hiding out. The group met with Otis, YDay, Murfles, Burne, and Rufus. Otis explained his primary concern was to find the Prince, who is now the king since his father has died. YDay cooperates in this effort. The group wants to deal with the Brotherhood. There was discussion on whether the prince might be held in Cliff House or elsewhere under control of the Scarlet Brotherhood.
Otis plans to further investigate Cliff House, both in an attempt to free his brother and to discover if the Prince is held there.

The party decided to investigate Hommlet. Styx disguised herself as an old man. Sophokle and Voleur were invisible. With Furt’s help, they learned a lot about the inhabitants of Hommlet and became concerned with a band of houses near the Inn. They also discovered the previous Innkeeper was now a blind beggar outside his Inn. They found out the clerics in the temple of St Cuthbert were considering raiding the tower since the majority of the guards had left.

Furt discovered a handful of potential agents. The taylor communicated telepathically to a man at Slate Castle. Furt said the man at Slate Castle was black and tended to wear greasy cloths. The new Innkeeper, the Pot boy, and the Jeweler were suspicious but didn’t communicate telepathically. The two in the trade store were mind blocked. They killed the Taylor, the person they considered the main Scarlet Brotherhood agent. They threw a silenced rock in a window, stunned the Taylor, then killed him. They left a note in the temple for the clerics to meet in a field in the early morning, but no one showed up.

The next morning, Styx went in to speak with the St Cuthbert clerics and was locked in a cell. Voleur had been shadowing the exchange and was able to free her. That was the end of their attempt to work with the clerics.

That afternoon they returned to Burne’s hide out in Nulb. Burne decided to risk traveling back to Hommlet and attempt to re-take the tower. The group split into three teams once everyone was back at Hommlet. Krealle and Styx went to the jewelers to take out the other suspicious Scarlet agent. Voleur and Tylen went to the Inn to keep an eye on the new Innkeeper, who they also suspected. The rest of the group went with Burne to attempt to take the tower. Styx brought a necklace to show the jeweler, then color sprayed him. The stunned jeweler fell to the floor, but the guard saw the lights and went in to investigate. Styx suggested to the guard nothing was amiss. Krealle came into the house from the street, and cut the jewelers throat. The smell of blood caused the guard dog to start barking and the guard came in again to investigate. Styx again suggested to the guard the jeweler strangely attacked him and he killed in self defense. The two then left while the guard attempted to clean up the body and deal with the unfortunate death.

Meanwhile, the group addressed the young guard at the rope barrier near the castle. They finally decided to deal more forcefully with the guard. The guards nearby at the new gate to the castle started firing arrows. Burne sent them a fireball, but it was an absolute dud. The party ran to attack, but before they could reach the guards, Burne sent another fireball that finished off the group. The remaining guards were happy to welcome Rufus and Burne back to the tower.

The Innkeeper saw the fireball and went out to investigate. Voleur attempted to drug him, but failed. Styx and Krealle then met the group on their way from the jeweler to the tower. They managed to cause feeble mind, and the Inn keeper wandered back into the Inn.

Now back in control of the town, Rufus sent some guards to bring in the trade store owners, who had a mind bar. They group found out this was due to magical amulets given them by their grandmother. They decided this was not an issue. However, they went to find the Pot boy from the Inn that Furt had also identified as suspicious and caught him stealing cash and jewelery from the now dead jeweler. They sent him to the priests of St Cuthbert to allow them to deal with him.

Burne was able to contact Dumbledor and discovered he and his army were on the run from Slate Castle’s army. They had the women and children from Sobanwych with them so they could not fight. They needed a place to defend so the women and children would be safe. The group decided to attack Slate Castle with the help of the Hill Giants and Ogres now loyal to Nightingale.

With Furt’s help they are let into the castle, finding out that only three people would have been let in the gate: Kalaw, Aldan, or Sultas. Furt helped them impersonate Sultas. Sultas then received a tour of the castle as an inspection and went out to bring in the party. The group used the stun poison from the temple and mixed it in the soup. They then personally delivered the soup to encourage the troops. 41 guards were stunned before their ploy was discovered. They had to fight another nine, but gained control of one gate and one tower. They opened the gate and let in Nightingale and her troops.

Nightingale attacked the second gate while the party went after the second tower. Since the inner doors and walls of the gate were not designed to defend from internal attacks, the giants over whelmed the second gate. The group laid down a fog cloud as cover and ran to the second tower. At the edge of the cloud as it was dissipating, Tylen shot a fireball at the top of the tower, wiping out the soldiers there. Krealle knock the tower door and Styx color sprayed the guards ready to ambush the group. They then fought through three more floors of the tower to gain control.

Walled castle

Characters present for a total party experience of 241,854 xp (34,550 each)
Styx (Ellie) 192,893xp
Ferrous (Erica) 207,955
Sophokle (David/Greg) 180,392
Krealle (Tim) 170,393
Tylen (John/Halley) 177,851
Lark (Kate) 236,593
Voleur (Eric) 159,955 (newly level 10)


Very exciting! I wonder if anybody got a message out to the main Slate force. It seems like we have a good hold on the fortress, though. Time to look around?

Slate Castle
Colossus Citizen_17

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