Scarlet Thorn

Freedom Again

Party ends up in Hardby

The session began with the party sinking down into the cold water of the Sahuagin fortress. The group carefully rationed their water potions, gear, and spells and determined they had 36 minutes to explore plus another 30 minute reserve. They found the water to be cold and dark.

The first underwater room was empty, but Lizard women were watching from the nearby hallway. These women had been scratched all over their bodies and were desperately offering up potions for the men to drink. The group took a potion, but did not drink it.

Further on, they found a hallway with pizza sized urchins on the walls. They eventually ran by the urchins, taking some damage from their sharp spines. They discovered some kind of ritual in progress. A poor lizardman was being attacked by strange creatures, sofa cushioned sized bodies with crab-like skin and squid tentacles, having carrot like beaks and large dark eyes. These creatures attacked the lizardman, while other humanoids watched from hallways. The party attacked the whole group, stunning them with a color spray spell. After stunning them, they viciously destroyed the tentacled beasts and went to investigate the humanoids. Most of the stunned humanoids were human, mysteriously capable of surviving underwater.

Political influence. Learned these creatures were the Sahuagin females, and the event just observed had to do with Sahuagin reproduction. The “Madams”, as these Sahuagin were called, controlled their servants through potions.

Attacking Sahuagin females.
The guard room battle.
The torture chamber battle.
Prisoner release.
Sending off the broom.
Following the sharks.
The battle of
Gift of the Turtle and Treasure.
Meeting in Hardby
Hiring a boat
Sealing the treasure.


Colossus Colossus

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