Scarlet Thorn

Sahuagin Fortress

Not left behind

The game started with a counsel between the party, elves, and lizard men. The party had just survived an ambush and discovered some key treasure. At the counsel, the water people discussed running away from the Sahuagin and determined the only safe refuge was entirely underwater. This served a dual purposes of leaving the characters as decoys for the Sahuaging attack. Of course the party would be destroyed by the Sahuagin, but that might distract the foraging beasts long enough to let the trail of the elves and lizard men grow cold.

The party disagreed with this plan and successfully motivated the counsel to consider an attack rather than fleeing once again. The counsel reluctantly agreed under one circumstance: the characters needed to rescue the captured lizardmen currently being held by the Sahuagin. This requirement was on top of the previous commitment to destroy or distract the giant crocodile that had been plaguing the lizard man patrols. The party also asked for support from the elves and lizardmen. One elf and one lizardman offered to join the effort to rescue the captives.

The party wisely began to research the fortress of the Sahuagin that was formerly the home of the lizardmen. They were able to get a map of the fortress as well as some information about the surroundings. The old Lizardman told them about a secret entrance through a blow hole they could use, but only at low tide. They also decided to interrogate the captured Sahuagin held by the Lizardmen. The treant beat up the Sahuagin, but then healed it to bring about an attitude of submission. They were able to learn more about the fortress and the changes the Sahuagin had already been making. They also learned about a giant Kraken guard. Later they decided to attempt to get more information out of the sahuagin and ended up killing the creature, but not before he took several large chunks of wooden skin from the Treant.

The group went out to kill the giant crocodile. The lizardman guide led the characters through the tall, swampy reeds to a spot 200 yards from a small pond where two streams drained into a pool. A small rocky outcropping divided the two rivers. The crocodile was known to live in the pool. The party decided to circle around the pool and take up defensive positions in the trees on the rocky outcropping. However, they saw signs of a dragon on the outcropping. The thief discovered a shallow cave, and the dragon attacked. The party was able to slay the dragon as the 24 foot long crocodile was approaching, and the crocodile quickly fled, never to be seen again.

The party found several choice items in the dragon’s lair. Gold and scrolls of magic as well as a broom of flying. They took their treasure and recovered from their battle wounds prior to leaving for the Sahuagin fortress.

Due to the swamp skills of the Lizardman and Elf, the party had no problems crossing the swamp island to the Sahuagin fortress. They decided to use the broom to ferry people across the 200 yards of ocean to reach the island fortress, having learned the Kraken patrolled the causeway waters. Thus the party arrived safely at the fortress and waited to enter through the secret passage at low tide.

Once inside the fortress, they came across six Sahuagin guarding twelve slaves. They killed the guards and freed the prisoners, taking them up through the secret entrance. However, one prisoner insisted they check on his companion, who was left to die in the prison. The party defeated another three Sahuagin and found the dying prisoner. He told them a number of incoherent things, but also mentioned a secret chamber. With the information gained from his dying words, they were able to find the secret chamber and obtained more water-specific magic items.


Colossus Colossus

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