Scarlet Thorn

Left for Dead

The party is “sacrificed” to appease the storms. They are left with nothing in an underground chamber. The party finds their way through dark and sandy underground tunnels. The party manages to overcome a crayfish and a roper. The party survives an attack by a family of Piercers. Finally, the party finds a community of mushrooms and manages to communicate with their king. In exchange for the body of the Crayfish, he gives them a way out. They enlarge the Ent, who throws most of them over a chasm. They manage to reach the surface and find a small tribe of humans living in a paradise situation with the cone of the volcano.

After resting, they work with some Sea Elves to investigate a group of Lizard Men. The lizard men turn out to be friendly, preparing for an attack of Sahuagin. The Sea Elves are informed of this news. The Lizard Men agree to arm the party in exchange for the party’s destruction of a giant crocodile.


Colossus Colossus

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