Scarlet Thorn



The group spoke with the bar tender and learned about the place they had arrived at. They decided to head up the valley to the mountains and lands of Baronia. They arrived at the gates to Baronia and fought several Carnirous Apes at the gate. They did find some treasure.

They went into the town. They found a church that was in terrible disrepair. The Ent was able to do considerable repair to the beaten down building. They met the Burgermaster, but he did not let them into his house. (They found out later Moulton was hiding there). They also encountered a house with someone inside crying.

That night the church, where they were staying, was attacked by wolves. The Magic User used the magic broom to fly to the roof, which was covered with bats. While getting ready to cast a spell on the attacking wolves, something happened that the Magic User was never able to fully explain. Something about answering a lot of questions asked by a very likable man. The wolves left.

The next day they found out the crying lady lost her daughter and that Moulton had left a message for them with the gypsies. They did not have time to reach the gypsy camp before night fall, so they stayed in the church again and decided to leave early for the gypsy camp. They encountered ghosts leaving the graveyard and used Speak with Dead to learn about the castle. They learned a tall tower somehow lead to the crypts.

They met with the gypsies the next day. They were given the eye patch and the magic sword. They said Moulton was hiding from the vampire but would like to help them if they could. She asked for them to forgive her. She told them they needed to kill the vampire to get back. The gypsy said if they were going to attack the vampire, they should do so right away. He had many spies and the longer they waited, the more he would learn about them.

So they entered the castle. They were attacked by wolves. They found the chapel and got the icon to give them the turn bonus. They turned back and went for the organ music. They realized the trick (possibly saving a wasted spell) and found the secret door. They went down, then up, then down again, then up again. They found treasure. They found the girl. They found the throne room they were looking for, got the medallion and the tome, but were attacked by gargoyles and the vampire. They were running low on spells but managed to slay the gargoyles and the vampire. However, the vampire just retreated as vapor to its tomb.

They used stone shape to open passage in the stairway. They managed to visit the parents and brother’s tombs. They found the sunsword in the brother’s room. Next, they got into the vampires crypt and were able to put a stake through its heart. They carried the body to his parents cyrpt until the sun rose.

They left the castle with some trouble. Met Moulton. Rested, recovered all their equipment, and were able to increase to their new levels.

The characters now have the following XP:
Nels Paladin: 178401 lvl 8
Kate Twiggle: 189601 lvl 9
Tim Mystic: 123401 lvl 8
Eric Thief: 125405 lvl 9
John Mystic: 143401 lvl 9
Flo Druid: 85000 lvl 8
Ellie Illu: 145901 lvl 9
Erica Ranger: 173405 lvl 8


Colossus Colossus

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