Scarlet Thorn

Meshuga Mansion

Looking for secrets

Ellie, Flo, John, Eric, Hallie (Tim), Kate, Nels, Erica
The last session ended with David outside Meshuga tower / palace / manor house. The group started to explore the grounds. The found an underground entrance hidden in the garden. They investigated a pile of loose dirt, and were attacked by a Troll hand. Soon after, they were attacked by Trolls. The battle was difficult, because it began at close quarters and the magic users could not launch their fireball spells without hurting party members. With the help of an insect swarm and careful placement, they were able to explode a fireball and destroy the Trolls. The party found signs of Moulton and freed slaves. Cages used for slaves were empty. But then the party found a secret door.

The secret door lead to a deep cavern. Passages weaved through the cavern on bridges of wood and bone. The group carefully picked their way across the first bridge without trouble, but met a Roper in the cavern on the other side of the bridge. The combat against the Roper was relatively quick. In the room they discovered a hidden compartment with a crystal ball inside.

They crossed the next bridge and found another secret compartment. This time there was a wand of wonders and a bag of tricks. There was a trap on the next bridge and the thief fell into a net 60 feet below. The Magic User and his owl went to the rescue on the broom, which was fortunate because three Trolls showed up. Fortunately there wasn’t any comrades nearby this time. A quick fireball spell reduced the Trolls to ashes.

At this point the group did an Augury spell and determined they were better off not pursuing this route. They went back up to the garden. They found a Hobbit in the garden. This was the gardener. The gardener introduced the Treant to the owner. The owner requested a play in the theater the following day. He planned to bring a guest.

The group planned a theater show to convince Benedict of their good intentions. He was pleased for a while, then fell asleep. The party stayed at the mansion to rest further. They decided to send a messenger to Dumbledor to make sure he received their message. It turned out he had not received their message. He suggested they go forward and get to Baronia by working out passage with the River Gypsies. The group traveled overland to Hadar’s temple, killing a Hydra on the way. They worked out passage and found themselves in a foreign land.


Colossus Colossus

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